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Modern day life with its high levels of pressure, stress and pollution, saps the energy and vitality in our bodies. The first victim in our bodies seems inevitably to be Testosterone levels. Ageing, along with pressures and stress, reduces our body's capacity to produce Testosterone, leading to lowering of libido. Immune functions of the body also get affected.

Testidrol is a dynamic proprietary complex of powerful testosterone boosting ingredients.

Tongkat Ali is a natural solution for promoting Healthy Free Testosterone levels and healthy libido and immune functions. This solution has been shown to be a much more effective testosterone precursor than the standard, commonly used tribulus, which is only functional in extremely high dosages. Studies show, Tongkat Ali does not need to be ingested in those types of dosages to be extremely effective.

There is a huge amount of history, studies and references which have shown without doubt that in addition to qualities like lean muscle and strength gains, Tongkat Ali also promotes healthy libido and testosterone functions. The libido function happens both for women and men and is well recorded.

Tongkat Ali and Lean Muscle

Endocrinologists have known for a long time that testosterone increases the body's ratio of lean muscle mass to fat. In both animals and humans, tongkat ali extract increases muscle mass. In a study of men, half of the subjects ingested tongkat ali extract and half did not. In an eight-week physical training program the men who consumed tongkat ali extract experienced greater gains in muscle mass and strength than those who did not. This demonstrates the powerful anabolic properties of tongkat ali. Instead of turning to the use of dangerous and potentially lethal steroids, perhaps more athletes will opt for tongkat ali. In Malaysia, many professional field hockey players use tongkat ali extract as an androgen and swear to its performance-enhancing effects.

Tongkat Ali and Sexuality

Dr. Ismail Tamby directs the Human Reproduction Specialist Center in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. Dr. Tamby is one of the foremost experts on reproductive health in Southeast Asia. He works with men and women in all cases of sexual dysfunction, reproductive disorders and fertility problems. He is also the leading medical expert on the effects of tongkat ali root extract on human subjects. In his work with men, Dr. Tamby has found that use of tongkat ali extract significantly increases testosterone production. He said, “I was very skeptical at first about this type of thing, using some plant to change hormone levels. But I did some work with it and tongkat ali turned out to be highly potent. In our studies, we found that tongkat ali extract increased the serum level of testosterone considerably.” I asked Dr. Tamby if the men in his study experienced renewed sexual vitality or heightened sexual desire. “Oh, yes, most definitely,” he said. “The men found that tongkat ali boosted their sex drive quite a lot. I think that for low libido, tongkat ali extract is very valuable. I have seen this result for myself and can say that this plant really works.”

Dr. Tamby conducted the PADAM study in which he investigated partial androgen deficiency in males. He selected 30 adult males of various ages, assessed their testosterone levels and then gave them 100 mg of tongkat ali extract daily. The testosterone levels of all the subjects rose, from somewhat to a lot, depending on age. Dr. Tamby's study resulted in a 91 percent improvement in libido, a reported 73 percent improvement in sexual function and an 82 percent psychological improvement relative to sex among the men who participated in the study. His work shows that while the level of testosterone in the blood decreases with age, tongkat ali can reelevate the level of this important sex hormone.

Following are examples of the impressive scientific studies done on Tongkat Ali:    

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